About Us

Okare Physiotherapy Centre located in Uptown Mirdiff Mall, Dubai, offers a haven for Wellness and Fitness, for different services such as Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Massage with leading experts and more.

Okare physiotherapy Centre in Dubai is here to help you achieve your best, strongest self in a beautiful, peaceful surrounding. Here at Okare Physiotherapy Center we are proud to work with the very best experts, providing our clients with Physiotherapist specialist in Musculoskeletal problem, Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Sport Injuries, and Neurological Rehabilitation. As well, we are offering Therapeutic Massage that includes Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue Massage and Sport Massage. 

Physiotherapy is concerned with human function and movement.
Physiotherapists assess and treat people with physical problems caused by accidents, illness and ageing with the aim of:
•    Restoring function
•    Alleviating symptoms
•    Preventing injury
•    Maximizing potential for movement.

In Okare Physiotherapy Center there is a very unique Gym for Rehabilitation for our patients when they finish their treatment, will be integrated in the best possible way in their activities of a daily live. 

In Okare Physiotherapy Center, our Hands and Exercises are the main tools; Manual Therapy, Stretching, Exercises, Massage, Relaxation are the basis of our daily work that we complement with other treatments such as Laser, Ultrasounds, Shockwaves, Thermotherapy, Paraffin Therapy and Electrotherapy.   

Our Okare Physiotherapy Center  works with  outpatients only  tailoring treatment to the specific needs of each individual patient.

DHA License No.: 0001857
MOHAP: DJ48164-13/01/2021

How to Find Us

Okare Physiotherapy Center is located in the main squire of UPTOWN Mirdiff Mall, Unit No. 29 & 30, Dubai.

During your visit, all the members of the family can enjoy our hospitality of hot drinks, as well the children can play in our friendly Kids area, while the parents having the treatment session. 

What to Expect

Your first visit will last about 30-60 minutes on a one-to-one basis with your physiotherapist. You will be asked questions about your problem, such as the following.
•    What is troubling you?
•    What makes it better?
•    What makes it worse?
•    When did it start?
•    What started it (if known)?
•    Any previous treatments?
•    Any similar problems?
•    Any general health problems?