About Us

Okare physiotherapy Centre in Dubai offers a haven for wellness and fitness, with classical pilates classes, functional training, leading experts and more.

Okare physiotherapy Centre in Dubai is here to help you achieve your best, strongest self in a beautiful, peaceful surrounding. From private and group Pilates classes in our fully-equipped Dubai Pilates studios, to our state-of-the-art Super Circuit room for those who prefer a little more punch to their workouts. Here at The Hundred we are proud to work with the very best experts, providing our clients with physiotherapy, homeopathy, body composition analysis, and wellness workshops. Guests can also pass by to pick up a post-workout cold-pressed juice, check out the weekly organic market or indulge in one of our specialty coffees in partnership with The Espresso Lab.

Physiotherapy is concerned with human function and movement.
Physiotherapists assess and treat people with physical problems caused by accidents, illness and ageing with the aim of:

•    Restoring function
•    Alleviating symptoms
•    Preventing injury
•    Maximizing potential for movement.

Our okare physiotherapy center  works with  outpatients only  tailoring treatment to the specific needs of each individual patient.

Our vision

We make every effort to see people at the correct time, although there are sometimes delays. Check with reception if you have waited longer than ten minutes and do not hesitate to ask the staff if you are unsure of anything.

Please notify us or your physiotherapist upon arrival if you have a pacemaker or hearing aid, as some of our machines could affect them.

Our Mission

Your first visit will last about 30-60 minutes on a one-to-one basis with your physiotherapist. You will be asked questions about your problem, such as the following.
•    What is troubling you?
•    What makes it better?
•    What makes it worse?
•    When did it start?
•    What started it (if known)?
•    Any previous treatments?
•    Any similar problems?
•    Any general health problems?