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Radial Shockwave Therapy and Achilles Tendonitis

What is Radial Shockwave Therapy?

Radial shockwave therapy is a new breakthrough technology used to treat chronic (long-term) tendon disease such as Achilles tendinitis that has failed to respond to normal treatment.

The technology is based on lithotripsy, which has been used for many years to treat kidney stones. High-energy sound waves are created and focused on the injury using a special applicator. Shockwaves are repeatedly applied to the injury area, and will break down scar tissue and calcifications in the area, which in chronic cases the body is unable to repair itself. As the shockwave breaks down the tissue, the body starts generating new tissue leading to healing.

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Happiness and Wellness

Lemon Stripes – Health Coach turned fashion blogger Julia is an inspiration to all fashionistas. She is very open and honest on her blog about her life, her career, and how she over comes obstacles. If you like fashion, then you will love Lemon Stripes.

Summer Tomato – Darya is a food and health writer based in San Francisco. Her blog, Summer Tomato, is a great resource for healthy recipes, advice on creating healthy habits, and fitness tips!

Whole Foodie Booty – Health Coach Shannon shares some of her best secrets for feeling great and living a healthy lifestyle without restricting yourself. Her positive attitude and outlook really shines through in her writing.

Maria Marlowe – Another Health Coach to follow, Maria shares excellent tips on her blog that even the most savvy health nut can benefit from! Follow along to find tips and tricks for living a health life. If you like what you see, Maria also leads classes and one-on-one coaching sessions!

Holli Thompson – This author of “Discover Your Nutritional Style” writes truly inspiring blog posts about living healthy. Holli will introduce you to new ingredients, recipes, and wellness tips that you’ll be using all year!

Vishnu’s Virtues – Vishnu is all about quitting your job and finally doing what you love and what will make you feel fulfilled with your life! His inspiring approach to life is a great read, even if you don’t want to quit your 9 to 5!

Sarah Wilson – This Australian Native will do more than help you quit eating sugar; she also posts truly inspirational material that will make living your healthiest life a breeze!

Fierce Fabulous Free – Nisha Moodley is about as inspirational as they come! Follow along as she opens up about the ups and downs of her life and sharing how to deal with all that life has to offer.

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Reflections of a physiotherapist in 2015

The end of another year is a chance to reflect, on life, work, goals for the future etc.

I started to think about all the courses and conferences I’ve been on, articles I’ve read, blogs and tweets I’ve seen, and I have to say I’m a tad confused, but also sadly worried!

As some background to me… I’m a South African physio who studied physiotherapy in my home country (graduating 2001), and then later on did a masters degree in Manual Therapy in Australia. I’ve worked 7 years full time in professional and international sport as team physio, and consulted thereafter to various sports. I now run a busy private practice in the UK but I work full time as a clinician. I would call myself a ‘hands-on-physio’ and up until recently I didn’t realise that was becoming a very much frowned upon thing to be. I also spend a lot of time with patients doing rehab exercises both in the clinic and the gym, and sometimes when I’m lucky enough to have the time, in their sporting environment.

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